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Segway Of Coronado is a factory authorized Full-Service Dealership. We offer all models, packages and accessories for personal or commercial application. Including the incredible Generation ll, Segway Personal Transporter i2 and x2. In addition to the exciting generation ll we also inventory the fabulous Gen 1 i180 HT. Call us to set up an appointment for a Free Demo Today! (must be 18 years or older for demo)

Segway® Human Transporter (HT) i Series

The Segway HT i Series is optimized for extended range and enhanced mobility on variable terrain. With its inherent speed advantage over walking and its ability to navigate dirt, grass, and hills, the i Series is an effective solution for individuals who cover considerable distances throughout their day. For a rider�s convenience, the Segway HT i Series may be outfitted with a small front storage bag for notebooks, clipboards, or other small gear.

:: New Battery Technology
The i180 model is one of the first Segway HTs available with optional Saphion® lithium-ion batteries. The new batteries deliver an impressive range of up to 24 miles / 39 km on a single charge, depending on terrain, riding style and payload. Lithium-ion batteries are lowmaintenance, have a long service life and can operate at battery temperatures as low as 14° F / -10° C. Nickel metal hydride (NiMH) batteries are also available and deliver a range of 8 � 12 miles / 13 �19 km.

:: Perfect for Carrying Cargo
The Segway HT i Series is ideal for carrying additional cargo. Use the versatile 12.0 Handlebar Bag both on and off the Segway HT to transport up to 10 lbs / 5 kg of daily necessities. The expandable 25.0 Cargo System conveniently attaches to the side, carries up to 25 lbs / 11 kg of gear, and has an internal laptop sleeve. There are a number of other accessories available for your Segway HT i Series, such as lights, ramps, and travel cases.

The new i2: versatile companion

The Segway® Personal Transporter (PT) i2 is our most versatile model. Designed for easy operation over a variety of terrains, the i2 features our new LeanSteer� technology as well as the new InfoKey� controller. The perfect synthesis of form, function and fun, the i2 lets you glide through your daily commute or zip from errand to errand, indoors and out, without worrying about parking.

The i2 also comes equipped with Saphion® lithium-ion batteries. These durable batteries deliver an impressive range of up to 24 miles on a single charge (depending on terrain, riding style and payload). Saphion lithium-ion batteries are low-maintenance, have a long service life and can operate at battery temperatures as low as 14° F / -10° C. The i2 is available in a choice of gloss white or durable anodized black LeanSteer frames and trim. For further customization, a variety of accessories are available from Authorized Segway Dealers.

In addition to the redundant safety features at the heart of all Segway PT models, the i2 comes equipped with a number of standard features, like the wireless infoKey controller, which allows the rider to monitor speed, distance traveled, and battery life, as well as security alarm activation. The LeanSteer frame is adjustable to the comfort of the rider and allows the Segway PT to fit in the trunk of many cars.

The new x2: tuned for cross-terrain

The Segway® Personal Transporter x2 provides enhanced performance on varied terrain with minimal environmental impact. Featuring all-terrain tires, a robust fender design, lithium-ion batteries and specially tuned software, the rugged Segway x2 will go practically anywhere in the wild that you want to go, whether it's along nature trails, over hilly terrain or on the beach.

The Segway x2's low-pressure tires cushion the ride on bumpy surfaces and minimize trail impact, while a continuous center rib provides a smooth ride on paved surfaces. The increased track width increases stability on uneven ground, and the x2 happily navigates a variety of surfaces including sand, grass, gravel, dirt and pavement. Depending on local regulations, it may be possible to use the x2 on multi-use pathways but it is not intended for use on sidewalks or pedestrian walkways. Check out the Segway i2 for sidewalk use.

The x2 features Segway's new LeanSteer technology, as well as the wireless InfoKey controller. These advancements make the ride even more intuitive and exhilarating and provide interesting trip data so you can track your journey from start to finish. The long-lasting lithium-ion batteries support the power demands of the x2, while still providing up to 12 miles of off-pavement range (depending on terrain, riding style and payload).

The sturdy fenders on the x2 are designed to protect you from debris and to safeguard you during leaning turns. The aluminum fender frames feature built-in lift handles that help you (and a friend!) get a grip on the x2 for loading in and out of a vehicle. The fender frames serve as a base for carrying cargo and are compatible with Segway cargo plates and the Segway Hard Cases by Givi.

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